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Are you thinking of selling or renting your property and you need help in specifying its market value? We give a free 48h rating after your visit. We work to achieve the maximum performance of your patrimony.
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A good strategy for the trading of assets begins by setting the market price. The best strategy, however, is achieved by doing so with real and up-to-date market information, covering all technical, financial and legal aspects. 

We have a team of professionals with 25 years of experience understanding the fluctuations of the real estate market to ensure an ideal pricing for your home, local business or office. So, save yourself the headache of valuing the rental or sales price of your property and leave it in our hands. 

Only an expert and multidisciplinary team can get the most out of a property
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How do we do that?

Marketing Department

We keep constant track of your property after its publication at the agreed price. And not only that, we also post it online on major real estate portals using positioning tools to reach any buyer or tenant profile. Want to publicize your property but don't have quality photographs? Because your property is worth it, we offer professional photography sessions, videos and virtual tours. 

Legal Department

One of the things that distinguish us is having an internal legal department. Why? A lawyer is a key player in the management of a real estate offer. We review and undertake the necessary papers for the transfer of the property and we write and review notary documentation and writings. In short, leave the paperwork to us.

A team always beside you

We accompany you throughout the sales process, from start to finish and beyond. As trade and legal experts, we will advise you on setting the price of your property, monitoring the marketing and managing the sale or rent. We are with you to clear up any doubts you may have and solve any problems that might arise.


How do we work?

We meet in person with the property and visit the property to manage
We conduct a market research to establish the ideal price of your real estate asset.
Start and follow-up of the process. Negotiation and closure of the operation.
Our own legal department will manage all the documentation and necessary procedures.

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