Energy performance certificate

Date: 8 de December de 2022

The publication of Law 8/2013 of June 26, has incorporated the sanctioning regime for non-compliance with the obligation to the operators of the real estate sector, both individual owners or professionals, as well as intermediaries or marketers to incorporate in the offers (advertisements in any means) the Energy Efficiency Certification of Buildings. Everyone is responsible for complying with the regulations, this sanctioning regime affects anyone who intervenes in a transaction, even with the mere publication of a commercial advertisement, on the internet, in the newspaper or in the shop windows of a real estate agency.

In short, it is a requirement for the transaction of any property, be it housing, premises or industrial building, to hand over to the purchaser a Certificate indicating the level of Energy Efficiency of the property transferred. This document, issued by an architect or engineer qualified for this purpose, duly legalized before the administration, determines, through the analysis of its characteristics and its architectural elements, to what level it is efficient or not, affecting the energy consumption that will be required in its subsequent use.

The final objective pursued is to ensure that the buyer by purchase or rental incorporates the Energy Efficiency level of the property in the decision-making process, which will have a final cost in their future budget. In this way, it is intended that the operators are concerned about improving the energy of the products. In this way, the quality of the real estate stock will be improved, with a reduction in overall energy consumption and needs. Unfortunately, instead of looking for positive incentives in the way of giving aid to the actions that improve the current situation, the sanctioning regime has been chosen to achieve a goal, laudable without a doubt, but which burdens with new obligations and costs a sector that follows suffering a crisis and that there is a need for incentives and aid, not more expenses.

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